Welcome to The Opportunity Tree

Empower.  Advocate.  Evolve.

We’re excited to announce that we are offering greeting cards featuring artwork created by our members in The Creative Arts Program. Each box contains 2 cards of each image for a total of 12 cards per box.

Each piece was created in a collaborative environment where our members lead the process; from canvas size to color choices, these pieces are member driven creative expressions that you can now share with your loved ones! Each box is selling for $20 and can either be picked up at our Phoenix site or shipped to you!

To place your order visit our store at https://squareup.com/store/theopportunitytree

Welcome to The Opportunity Tree!  Our mission is to provide quality, individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.

Adult Day Programs

The Opportunity Tree Day Programs offer innovative, comprehensive opportunities for members to increase independence in activities of daily living, foster participation in the local community and cultivate social skills.  Creative activities are social, recreational and habilitative, following best practices in programming.

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Vocational Training Programs

The Opportunity Tree Vocational Training Programs provide a spectrum of employment service options ranging from center-based vocational training to group supported employment to intermittent community supports.  Services are based on member strengths, goals & needs and are designed to increase skills leading to increased independence in employment.

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Residential Services

The Opportunity Tree Residential Services are designed to provide individualized supports to members, focusing on increasing independence and full participation in the community.  Group home and IDLA models are tailored to ensure each home inspires our members to strive for the best.

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Home and Community Based Services

The Opportunity Tree offers in-home supports to individuals with disabilities living on their own or with their families.  Our trained providers offer individualized care and support in skill attainment to increase independent living skills.

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Youth Transitions Program

The Opportunity Tree works with transition aged youth to develop their pathway to the future.  Students work on vocational curriculum and explore future opportunities while practicing social skills and individualized goals.

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Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program at The Opportunity Tree utilizes a curriculum based approach that seeks to expand the role of the arts from a purely recreational activity, to one that enhances transferrable skills and improves lives beyond the art room. Through arts programming our members enhance their ability to follow complex and chained directions, socialization and their ability to advocate for their wants and needs.

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