About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.

No two people are exactly alike.  It is in this spirit that The Opportunity Tree fully embraces our mission to provide individualized support to our members in a responsive, respectful and representative way.  With a program management team that has over 200 years of combined experience in the field, countless devoted employees and innovative program enhancements, our dynamic programming opportunities are geared to take each individual’s skills and goals in to account to help them achieve their vision of success.

Our Vision

The Opportunity Tree is committed to promoting the development of a society that fully embraces individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through inclusion, advocacy and opportunities.

We understand that the work to be done to achieve this mission reaches far beyond our walls.  Through offering dynamic opportunities to our members to engage in workplace training, the arts, recreational activities and volunteer projects, we aim to empower our members to become their own advocates and champions.  It is through this effort that we will achieve a more inclusive and just world for all.