For 55 years, AFH has been committed to providing quality, individualized services to people with physical and intellectual challenges in the least restrictive environment.


1955 The Arizona Society for Brain injured was incorporated as a voluntary non-profit organization, dedicated to giving all of these children the opportunity to develop their maximum capabilities in order that they might live happy and useful lives.

1956 The Superintendent of Maricopa County Schools, recognizing a need for special facilities for these children, established several Accommodation Schools in the valley, with one in the Creighton District in a converted house leased by the Arizona Society for the Brain Injured.

April 10, 1957 Because the need for a larger organization was obvious, the Arizona Society for the Brain Injured started construction for a model school for brain injured children. Ground was broken this week at this site. William and Mrs. Perry donated the land. This school had 10 classrooms and 6 therapy treatments. I was planned to accommodate 120 brain injured pupils.

March 30, 1958 The Perry Institute for Children was established by the Arizona Society for the Brain Injured was dedicated on this date. Over 100 children with a brain injury or intellectual challenges attended the school.

1962 The Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped was incorporated as a result of a merger of the staff and Boards of the Arizona Foundation for the Brain Injured and the Self Aid Workshop. The origins of both of these organizations date back to early 1950’s.

1973 Scottsdale Foundation for the Handicapped and Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped worked together for a collaborative service contract with AFH’s Board of Directors.

July 26, 1977 The Foundation was awarded a 1.2 million dollar “set-aside through the Wagner-O’Day set-asides which provided job and training opportunities to 100 participants with physical or intellectual challenges.

1976 Casa Grande Rehabilitation Center opened

1989 OASIS Self Advocacy Club began with 12 charter member meeting in group homes once a month. Over the years OASIS grew to 50 members and they attended the ARC/Self Advocacy Conference from 1989 until 2005 all over the state.

2004 9 of the OASIS Self advocacy member and 3 advisors attended the “California Dreaming” National Conference in Anaheim, California.

2011 AFH Designs for All began. Participants could sell their art, jewelry, cards and other creations. AFH repurchased the materials and the artists got the profits from the sales.

2013 AFH and Casa Grande Main Street Association began partnering together.

2016 As the needs of the members changed for the OASIS Self Advocacy Club, they held mini-conferences at AFH – Perry Center where 45 members attended.

2017 AFH became members of AAPPD (Arizona Association of Providers for People with Disabilities).